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Mastering for iTunes - Official Provider


We compose music in almost every genre for any purpose: commercials, jingles, concerts, soundtracks & commecial songs. Here are some works:

For furter references, genres & unpublished songs take a look here.


We master audio to any standard including "Mastered for iTunes" or what's requested. Note, that our audio engineer is officially "MFiT certified" by Apple and thus, we are an official mastered for iTunes provider. Here is our general mastering manifest next to the fact, that every track must be mastered individually depending on its genre, creation process (acoustically or electronically) and target medium (Digital Audio Format, CD, Vinyl, etc.):
Mastering for iTunes

  1. Standard Bouncing DAW :
    • Logic Pro X. 10.4.x

  2. Additional Tools :
  3. Export-Formats :
    • MP3 320 kBit/s, Stereo (Joint)
    • AIFF, 24 / 32 Bit, 44100 - 192000 kHz, Interleaved, Dithering when necessary
    • WAVE, 24 / 32 Bit, 44100 - 192000 kHz, Interleaved, Dithering when necessary
    • etc.

  4. Integrated LUFS :
    • Popular : -12dB (+/-0.5 dB)
    • Standard: -16dB (+/-0.5 dB)
    • Extended: -18dB (+/-0.5 dB) [for some special formats]

  5. True Peak :
    • Standard: -1 db FS (+/-0.5 dB FS) [No clippings nor inter-sample clippings at all!]
    • Max.: -0.5 dB FS

  6. RMS :
    • Standard Range: -24 to -12 dB FS
    • Vinyl: ca. -16 dB FS
    • Max.: -11.5 db FS

  7. Vinyl Specific Additions :
    • Below 200 Hz mono signals only
    • LUFS: ca. -18dB (+/-1 dB)
    • De-essing for vocals
    • Mono compatibility: Listening to mono version / mono-stereo signal ratio
      [eliminating acoustic processors that switch phases - we prefer no pseudo acoustic processors for vinyl mastering]

  8. Attentiveness & Quality, a Master's Work.


We mix your vocals, guitars & instruments - the way it sounds best. We add effects that makes your song cool, dreamy, rocky or funky, depending on your requirements. You are part of that process: The song is mixed & finished when you say it is!


Some effects to name a few only we work with:

  • Reverb, Space, Drone, Warped, Radio, All kinds of Room & Hall Effects
  • Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Rotor, Ringshifter, Vibrato, Spreader
  • All kinds of Distortions, Delays, Echoes
  • Compressor (when necessary), Multipressor, Enveloper, Noise Gate, DeEsser
  • Pitch, Vocal Transformers
  • Exciter, SubBass, Multi-Effects
  • EQ, High-pass, Low-Pass, Filters
  • Stereo Mixers & Spreaders
  • Special FX


We help you to publish your songs and albums on all commercial platforms & provide our distribution knowledge as a service. We work together with the best distributors. In certain cases, we offer to take care of the whole administation.


We do publish on the following platforms:

  • Spotify
  • Amazon & Amazon Music
  • iTunes & Apple Music
  • Google Play & YouTube Music
  • Deezer
  • Pandora (US only)
  • Tidal
  • Napster
  • Bandcamp
  • And 150+ smaller outlets worldwide

Note, that we are not a classic record company and don't get you a deal nor we get you under contract.

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